Indexer Introduction

User Pain Points

To obtain the dynamics of contracts deployed on public chains, project developers need to obtain a large amount of transaction and log data from specific blocks on the chain, and extract valuable business data through contract logic analysis. However, this approach comes with the following issues:

  • Time consumption
    Manually pulling and processing large volumes of transaction data consumes a lot of time and energy, affecting the efficiency and development progress of the project team.
  • Cost-ineffective
    Using native RPC calls requires significant computing resources and network bandwidth, and complex codes must be written to parse and extract data, increasing development and maintenance costs.

What is Contract Indexer

Contract Indexer is an indexing service for on-chain contract data. Based on the user-uploaded contract ABI and specified block range, it efficiently retrieves on-chain data, automatically completes data parsing, and establishes an index, providing a convenient API for users to access the processed data in any scenario.

Functional Features

  • Automation, low-code, graphical interface*
    Users only need to upload the contract ABI and set the corresponding block range by checking options to perform automated data parsing.
  • Accurate, fast, and low-cost
    Solves issues with data anomalies caused by forks, upstream is unaware, uses multi-stream concurrent processing to speed up processing.
  • Efficient, convenient, and simple
    Currently provides a universal API access form, which users can call in any scenario to obtain the desired data.