This topic describes the node service provided by the ZAN system. The node service provides end-to-end support for developers to develop Web3 applications on blockchains, from connections in the early stage, development and deployment in the middle stage, to monitoring, operations and maintenance (O&M), and data analysis in the last stage. This enables easy access to the world of Web3.

Challenges faced by Web3-Dapp builders

Currently, developers face the following challenges when they develop Web3 applications:

  • Time cost
    Developers need to consume a large amount of energy, resources, and time to run public blockchain nodes.

  • Low elasticity
    Applications are difficult to extend. Each time an application is connected to a chain, the developer needs to repeatedly deploy the node environment.
    As the number of users increases, it is difficult to adapt to the higher requirements for operating resources.

  • High O&M difficulty
    Coordinating the O&M management of connections to multiple chains is cumbersome, resource planning is difficult, and troubleshooting is complicated.
    Mature monitoring tools are lacking.

  • Complicated coordination
    Because simultaneous processing of data, statuses, and access requests of multiple chains is involved, applications are complicated and unstable.

  • Lack of tool support
    For example, support of tools such as development kits, contract security verification tools, and contract templates is lacking.


  • Abundant node capabilities
    • Support for a wide range of public blockchain protocols
    • Core RPC
  • High availability
    • Multiple nodes deployed in a primary-secondary architecture
    • Multi-zone deployment
    • Real-time monitoring of node health status for dynamic optimization
  • Low latency
    • Dedicated network acceleration
    • Message multicasting
    • Intelligent routing
  • High cost-effectiveness
    • Lower than market prices
    • Services with higher performance
    • Proper pricing and pay-as-you-go

Upcoming features

Regarding node capabilities, the following three features will be launched soon, so please stay tuned for these exciting feature updates and announcements.

  • Enhanced API support in vertical scenarios
  • Toolchain for end-to-end application building
  • Software-hardware integrated ZK-rollup solution

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