Account Abstraction

Bundlers power Account Abstraction.


In ERC-4337, the Bundler plays a crucial role as the core infrastructure component enabling account abstraction across all EVM networks. Its primary function is to efficiently manage a mempool of User Operations, ensuring their seamless inclusion on-chain. By leveraging the Bundler, users can send User Operations with minimal risk and cost, guaranteeing their ultimate included into the block.

ZAN ERC-4337 Infrastructures

  • Bundler API : a collection of ERC-4337 compliant JSON-RPC endpoints which makes it possible for users to work with UserOperations. ZAN Bundler service is engineered to integrate effortlessly with widely-used Account Abstraction SDKs, promoting ease of use and enabling swift adoption. Strict adherence to ERC-7562 validation rules is meticulously enforced to ensure compliance and reliability of the service.
  • Paymaster API (Beta): a collection of Paymaster service and on-chain contracts that allows an entity to sponsor the gas fees for another entity. This significantly enhances the UX of dapps and can help onboard the next wave of Web3 users.