Fuzz Testing

 Our fuzzing program is specifically designed to enable property-based testing of Ethereum smart contracts. It utilizes sophisticated grammar-based fuzzing campaigns that leverage the contract ABI to effectively invalidate user-defined predicates or assertions. The design of our fuzzer prioritizes modularity, allowing for easy extension to incorporate new mutations and perform targeted testing on specific contracts and scenarios.

  • Our comprehensive and reusable tests effectively handle most minor code updates, saving valuable time and resources. For major updates, our modular approach ensures efficient coverage.
  • Our continuous monitoring of the latest exploits guarantees that your smart contracts remain safeguarded against emerging threats.
  • We offer optional corpus collection, mutation, and coverage guidance, enabling the identification of deeper bugs.
  • Integration with source code facilitates the identification of the specific lines covered during the fuzzing process.
  • Valuable insights are provided through detailed reporting on the gas usage throughout the fuzzing campaign.