Search Transaction/Address fund flow

The Investigation page allows you to analyze specific transaction or address related fund flows.
Input transaction hash or address in the search box and choose the chain ecosystem. Click Analyze

If you would like to investigate more token transfers of certain address, click Analyze button or Expand icon on the node.

Use Filter for advanced search

For some cases, which contain numerous transfer events, you could apply several filter criteria to the results.
Specifically, if you turn on the Advanced option in Time Interval, it will start a new search based on the time range.

Simplify Special Transaction

ZAN KYT investigation simplifies demonstration of special transactions like cross-chain bridge, swap, wrapping/dewrapping native token, etc.

The detailed swap actions will be shown at the bottom drawer.

Fund Trace

For specific fund you would like to trace, just simply choose the edge and click the 'target like' icon at the bottom drawer. This tracing algorithm also applies to multiple-hop transactions. Note some trace tasks may take longer to process, you can check later when the task is done.

Risk Fund Proportion(BETA)

We also run a scheduled offline task to periodically mark risk funds and iteratively calculate the risk proportion of total fund. By clicking 'Details' in the side window, a possible propagation path will be displayed on the canvas. *This feature is currently a BETA version, some data may not be updated.