This topic describes the Know Your Transaction service (KYT) provided by the ZAN system. The KYT service provides thorough investigations of transactions on blockchains, including fully demonstrating human readable transaction data, determining any suspicious participants (phishing / exploiter / sanctioned, etc) and any abnormal aspects of certain transactions (reentrancy / fundmixing / arbitrage / anomlous internal failures). The enhanced API also provides the abilities to investigate tokens or Uniswap Pool like protocols, offering our customers a more comprehensive way of understanding the ongoing activities or trades on blockchains.

Why is Know Your Transaction needed?

  • Transaction and behavior monitoring:
    KYT is a real-time process that focuses on financial activities. Suspicious transactions that occur within a dubiously fast timeframe can alert fraud prevention systems such as transaction monitoring software.
  • AML(Anti-Money Laundering)
    The losses in Web3 were about $330 million in Q1 2023 and $333 million in Q2 2023, while reaching $889.26 million in Q3. KYT allows financial institutions to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations and to protect their reputation and customers from financial crime.
  • Portrait of participants
    Before interacting with other users or projects, the very first advised step is to know who you are dealing with. It is likely the address you are about to send tokens is actually a scam or phishing account.

What services can Know Your Transaction offer?

  • Risk Analysis
    • Intuitive score measure of transactions/addresses from high to low risk.
    • Fully explanation of the risk details
    • Comprehensive data collections with advanced algorithms conducted
  • Transaction/Address details
    • Human-readable data of transactions / addresses details.
  • Protocol Analysis
    • Present up-to-date holders of certain tokens, including their share percentage. Additionally, for Uniswap like pool, the real holders will be mapped via pool penetration.
    • Real-time monitor of pool activities (mint/ burn/ swap)
    • Detailed token transfer trace
  • User-friendly Console Interface
    • Intuitive graph representation of token flows
    • Simple risk score analysis of addresses

New Features

  • Enhanced fund trace
    • Detailed fund outflow trace, allowing for tracking of multiple degrees of relationships.
    • With offline graph computations, we periodically offers more robust traces of risky fund flows, flagging any intermediary addresses which try to circumvent AML measures.
  • Customized Risk Configuration
    • On top of the default risk configuration template, users will now be able to select and adjust configurations according to their needs.

Upcoming Features

  • BTC/TRON coming soon
  • Entity Cluster Profile

Stay tuned.

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